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Angie at the November 2017 Jacob's Pillow residency. Photo: Lila Hurwitz

Angie at the November 2017 Jacob's Pillow residency. Photo: Lila Hurwitz

angie Hauser

Dance Artist

Angie Hauser is a choreographer and performer whose work is grounded in the practice and interrogation of improvisation and collaboration. Angie is a senior member of the Bebe Miller Company contributing to the making of the company’s acclaimed body of work since 2000. In 2006 she received a BESSIE Award for her creative work with the company. Hauser contributed to the online score TWO for MotionBank and to Bebe Miller Company’s eBook, DanceFort. Other choreographic projects include collaborations with dance artists Chris Aiken, Jennifer Nugent, Darrell Jones, Andrew Harwood, Kathleen Hermesdorf, and musicians Mike Vargas, Jesse Manno, Tigger Benford, and Andre Girbou. Her long-time collaboration with Chris Aiken has yielded multiple grants from the National Performance Network, and work presented at national and international venues including The Dance Center, Dance Place, Links Hall, Bates Dance Festival, Movement Research at Judson Church, Salt Fest, and Florida Dance Festival. She teaches dance technique, choreography, contact improvisation, and improvisation throughout North America and in Europe. Angie is an Assistant Professor at Smith College in Northampton, MA.